Who We Are

iScaleit Solutions was founded in early 2018. Initially offered software development consulting services for financial institutions.  Later on the company started to grow rapidly and hired new experienced colleagues to add Cloud computing capabilities to our portfolio. We believe that Cloud technology is an opportunity now, but in the near future it will be absolutely essential for every business to keep up with the competition. We selected Amazon Web Services as our primary cloud provider to build highly available, scalable and cost effective systems for our customers.


We have a wide range of experience building enterprise solutions from Java based microservices to scaling large distributed systems automatically to achieve our client’s goals. We have established an Agile work environment to maximize our efficiency and respond to changes naturally. Our colleagues have 10+ years of relevant industry experience working on systems at all phases of the development cycle which makes us comfortable to handle projects of any scale.


With this portfolio our mission is to help businesses to keep up with technological challenges and give them opportunity to focus on what really matters: their core business.

Being an agile, flexible team we can give you our full focus and make sure you are not just another client but a partner and also - an opportunity for us to prove ourselves as a trusted, credible consultancy on the market. 


We believe that our passion to technology and delivery focused mindset could be a great added value to your business on your growth journey.


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